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Annual Flu

Starting September 30th, Occupational Health Services is now offering the flu vaccine during our normal business hours

Vaccines are available for hospital workers with ID badge :Employees, Physicians, Volunteers, Travelers, and Contractors (who have direct patient care contact).


Participation in the influenza (flu) program is mandatory, per California state requirement. We are vaccinating our staff for the safety of our patients. Masking will be required for those not receiving the vaccine starting on November 1 through March 31.

Influenza Vaccination Frequent Question and Answers


You Can Participate Either By

  • Visiting the Atrium between 9/30 -10/31 to get the vaccine. Click here for schedule.
  • Visiting the LPCH Room 1202 next to the gift shop between 10/7 – 10/25 to get the vaccine. Click here for schedule
  • Providing proof of an vaccination received at an alternate site by either:
  • Declining the vaccination by:
    • Taking the Health Stream Flu Refusal course. For Healthstream instructions click here.