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Blood and Body
Fluid Exposure

Exposure to blood borne pathogens or other potentially infectious material (“BBP Exposure”) is a common occupational hazard for health care workers. It is important to be prepared so that a BBP Exposure will be handled without panic or undue alarm. Stanford Occupational Health Services (OHS) has developed a plan to ensure that an appropriate medical evaluation is done in a timely manner. OHS will ensure employees are counseled regarding their risk of infection and will help arrange additional specialty consultation and treatment, if needed.

Please Remember: although medical evaluation for BBP Exposure is very important, the evaluation itself is NOT an emergency. So, unless an injury requires emergency treatment (i.e. a severe wound requiring surgical repair), the employee with a BBP Exposure DOES NOT need to go to the Emergency Department, unless directed to do so by OHS.

For Body and Blood Fluid Exposure

Immediately wash wounds and contaminated skin with soap and water for 3-5 minutes.

Eye Splash: remove contact lenses if wearing; flush eyes with copious amounts of water or saline for 15 minutes.

Splash to Mouth/Nose: Rinse with tap water or saline for 3-5 minutes.

Notify your manager and page 1-STIX by calling the page operator at (650) 723-6661 and requesting pager ID # 17849. A blood borne pathogen specialist will return your call promptly and guide you through the steps of the process. This pager is available 24/7.

Please Note: the source patient’s testing must be done urgently, since they may not be available at a later date. However, the employee with a BBP Exposure should come to OHS for a medical evaluation during regular business hours on the next regular business day.

To help guide the initial response to a BBP exposure, OHS has created a “Red Packet” that contains instructions and all the necessary paperwork. Each red packet contains a confidential ID number to use for testing the employee and the source patient. This ID number will be used to track confidential test results and provide follow-up care. Red packets can be obtained in OHS during business hours or from security after hours. The employee portion can also be completed online here.

Always call the 1-STIX pager to begin the process. Completed paperwork should be placed in the drop box outside OHS.

Business Hours

During business hours Monday through Friday 7 am to 6:30 pm go immediately to Occupational Health Services for treatment and further flushing of mucus membranes. Off hours: By telephone system call 650-723-8222 and enter pager ID 17849. This pager is available 24 hours a day /7 days a week.