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TB Screening/
Blood Draw

Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial illness that usually affects the lungs. TB bacteria are spread through the air from one person to another when a person with active TB disease coughs, sneezes, speaks or sings. Most people who become infected with TB bacteria do not become sick. This is a condition called latent TB infection (LTBI). If the body’s immune system is unable to fight the infection, a person may become sick with TB disease. TB disease produces symptoms souch as cough, fever, chills, night sweats, weight loss and fatigue.

Occupational Health Services (OHS), provides TB screening for all new employees., faculty and staff, volunteers and some contractors. TB screening is done at initial hire and annually thereafter. OHS offers both the TB skin test (PPD) and the Quantiferon TB blood test  (GFT-GIT). Any necessary follow up x-rays can be ordered at OHS. If there is a confirmed active TB case within the hospital, OHS provides baseline and follow up testing for all exposed staff.

Employees who are due for annual TB screening will receive a reminder notice in the mail approximately one month before their test is due. The TB Symptom Review Questionnaire may be printed and completed ahead of time to expedite your visit to OHS.

Our clinicians are available to answer any of your questions regarding your TB test results or our TB survaillance program.




TB Symptom Review Questionnaire